Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, Boring me:)

I am so mad today.
Staying in my room the whole day.
Listening the only song, I have nothing by Whitney Houston.
Not only listening on her version.
Realised, Leona Lewis sang this song for her X-factor competition.
Charice, jennifer Hudson and a very young boy sang this song too.
Different singer brought different feeling.

Until the clock turns to 10, i know my birhtday is reaching very very soon in 2 hours.
This time i have decided to give myself a very simple celebration.
Therefore a very simple wish will be i hope my family can reunite this time.
I truly anticipate it will come true in one day.

Lastly, I wish myself a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (so lame).

*Put the bad things behind and look forward for a new year.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mess up my life

now i felt how hard a long distance r/ship is...
Its been 3 weeks til now me and her seperated...
When everytime i saw her, i can felt the loneliness and sadness from her eyes...
I know how hard she was when she walking (should be rushing) to work and back to work yet she has to dapao her dinner back home and eat alone...this is only applicable to me but for her, it really need times to get used to it and i very heartache...
I just cant bare looking at her like that, taking bus on friday night and then back home on the sunday is exhaused and boring and this isnt a healthy life style...

sometimes my thought tell me why not i chose a job at KL just before she get a job in KL? so that, she wont to be so tough... OR why not she just find a job near me and we can see each other everytime?

Today, we went for our KIMCHI ramen again...this was just great that we back to our normal life but after all while thing suddenly upset me, she still has to pack her feeling and go back KL to work...things were so perfect that we actually studying at inti together, live in JB together and go study in australia together but now, everything has changed dramatically...

I used to love weekend cos i can always find her out and relax cos weekdays we were so busy about atudying..after graduated and start working, it turns another way round..i prefer weekdays instead as it removes all my bad moody thing aside..but somehow now,it ruins my weekend!!!!

I just hope this miserable 6 months can ended faster and i can see you whenever i you__baby

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

testing (using phone to update blog

yeah, i am using my n97 to write blog today..feeling so special about it:) since i have decided to write something here then i have really need to vomit something out here:)

these days is really busy and tired yet i felt very happy cos i found out that no matter how hard it is,i enjoyed much work now:)staying at the branch will/can allow me to forget the unhappy of me..but somehow, too concentrate on the jog let me realise i actually didnt meet my friend:( so sorry that i have forgotten to find you,call you or sms you..i m nt purposely to do that i have just no time to thing about the yamcha session..i promise once i settled everything i will give you all a call(proovide that i remember:)

time really flies,think bk,i was just attended my convo,after few days(suppose to be month) then is my best friend's huey lings convo.i hereby wishing you congratulatution la and all other friend as well.and you all can start finding job liao.your time to suffer lo:)once again,congratts:)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

No title

what is a happily ever after? what is so happy about leaving someone and then working on weekdays and sleep at night? how to work and ensure i can be the successful person? question question and question!!!this will never solve unless miracle happen now...

yeah, solving a problem can be very easy yet can be very critical...

However, i have no the strength anymore...i dun want it to be so matter how hard i plan, if i have no motivation, things will never pls, do give me some motivation and reward in order for me to continue my plan...

Next, do you agree sometimes we have to be jerk and be cruele . cos if we did not, we will never be treated fair.

Monday, April 19, 2010

sot sot de~

These has been coming to my mind...
What is a human being process like?

born --> baby --> Child --> teenage --> adult --> old folk --> death

is this what a human being process like?

However, there is another notion:

study --->work --> get married --> have kids --> grow them Up -->do the same thing as me when i was young (spoon feed) --> then i die

how sad right?

bt no choice. whatever that i have made (no matter is right or wrong) i still have to continue my life. cos it is unchangeable for your previous life. what we can do is to plan for future so that, there is not black mark in your future:)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Congratulations, ellebeekay!!!

Argh, is kinda lazy to start a blog but i have to finish it....

Yeah, guess what, LIAW BING KUN (me) has officially graduated. an official business degree holder. Congrats...congratsss and congrats to my baby Wang jing ting......haha

you know what? I Have been opened QUT website to check my result for 3 days but it did not release throughout these days..Feeling so nervous..Last time checking the result was yesterday night 12.30am and the result still hasn’t up yet so only then i go to sleep with a worried mode..UNTIL this morning 9.00 I was in my dream, Computer (jian sen) called me and he told me my result has been released in QUT website..I was like jumping from my bed and faster run towards my lappy and switch it on..Kanasai, the lappy took about 1 minutes + to get it start and my heart was kept popping...thinking, how was my result, how was it likely to be....until I finally open QUT website..DEN DEN...result really out...i got 6, 5, 5, 4...which is unbelievable...I pass and baby both pass the exam and confirming that we can attend the convocation which held in Queensland Performing Art Centre...I have waited this moment for so so long...Plus it is held in QPAC.. a very nice place..will be taking a lot of photos until my cameras get cracks (impossible la). 16th December 2009, I am waiting for you..


Furthermore, HL also gave me a surprise.. She bought me a graduation present..Thank you, Jael..:) But unfortunately, she can’t see her result until she reached Malaysia..Yeah she is going back to Malaysia envy her cos I can’t go back now. have to attend convocation and work..what the hell...anyway, I wish you luck, Jael..Good result and have a nice summer holiday in Malaysia...:)

Bought by Jael - Bear

Friday, November 20, 2009

Meaningless maybe...

Date: 21st November 2009
Time: 3.30pm
Weather: Hot
Emotion: Boring

It's Kinda boring today.To much activities been attempted few days ago and it makes my Saturday empty. been hanging out with friends. We rented car and started our journey to some new places, Beaches, Jupiter, Hardrocks, Farms, Vineyards and Paintballs. It was so much fun. Think back, This could be the last trip we ever gathered and met each others. Although,we are not so called the "best best friend" but maybe we will never see each other anymore. graduate one graduates, continue one continues. are we just lost contact like that? sigh!

However, No one will even bother he or she exist in their life and no one ever think of should i treasure him or her as real friend. Too much arguments was happened among us throughout the study life and no one will ever forget and asking for forgiveness cos an educated person will never like to lose once. this is what a degree student act like...

It 21st november today and i am gonna graduate soon. Start hunting for jobs and dun know which jobs is suitable for me. maybe it is too early for me to do all this stuff but i cant wait to step into working life...argghhh....

old people always said study is better than working but i dun believe it at all..i prefer working..cos i cant take it anymore with assignment and, aim for it...gogogo!!